PromeTech Virtual Conference

Conference Description 

PromeTech Virtual Conference is the virtual alternative to on-site PromeTech offered at Promega Corporate Headquarters in Madison, WI, USA. Both programs offer technical product training for Promega Employees and Distributors who directly provide technical support to Promega customers. The primary target audience is personnel in Technical Services and technical support roles and applicable to all personnel in a customer support role. PromeTech Virtual Conference is open to all personnel to register and attend, regardless of role. 

The program is a forum for technical training and global networking focusing on new Promega products, technologies and services with an emphasis on corporate initiatives and campaigns. 

The overall training goals are to build awareness, improve knowledge and ability to technically support customers on Promega solutions, and expand problem-solving skills through a virtual training. As part of the program, you will spend time with R&D scientists and product and portfolio managers discussing Promega assays and integrated systems. 

If you have any questions or issues please contact and a member of the Scientific Training Team will assist you.

The upcoming September 2021 PromeTech event is canceled. We will plan to resume the PromeTech schedule as usual in Q1 2022 (format to be determined). 
In consideration, we will extend the availability of the March 2021 PromeTech program for the duration of 2021. Access is available for those who have previously registered and for new registrants to the event site.


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