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Sales Training Journey

Course Description

We are rolling out our new program for Promega sales personnel and Distributors, called the Sales Training Journey, in February 2024!

Sales Training Journey is our new program for sales personnel and Distributors to develop your skills and knowledge throughout your career in your sales role. This program will replace New Sales Product Training (NSPT)* and will include additional sales process and skills training, activities to apply sales knowledge and tools, and foundational context for success at Promega. The program will be available through the Promega LMS and is meant to be a self-paced journey where learners will be able to fit training into a time that works best for them. The program will include opportunities for collaboration through remote sessions and onsite training components. Additional stages will be released throughout 2024 and beyond.

Learn about the initial stage of the Sales Training Journey. Additional topics will be covered under each areas under "What to expect" in future stages.

When:  The initial stage of the Sales Training Journey will be released in February 2024.

               **Additional stages will be released throughout 2024 and beyond.

Who: The target audience for the initial stage is sales and distributor personnel new to their sales role at Promega.

What to expect:

Convenience:  The Sales Training Journey is designed with the needs of sales personnel and convenience in mind. Most of the training material is online, allowing you to learn at your own pace.

Learn about Promega:  Discover how our products are grouped into different product areas and the major market segments Promega sells to. 
Develop your Sales Skills: Build your foundational sales skills with a focus on the sales funnel as a basic selling tool.

Focus on Key Products:  Dive into Promega bioluminescence, Cell Health Analysis products, and Detection instruments.

In the Field:  At the end of each stage, you will be able to practice and apply your acquired knowledge, skills, and sales tools (such as PowerBI, CRM, and AI) through several activities.

Engage with your Manager:  This is your sales training journey, and working with your manager is critical to your success. Use the tools provided to engage with your manager and ask for what you need.

Additional topics will be covered under each areas in future stages.

How long will it take: 

Expect to commit about 15 hours to complete the Sales Training Journey learning path.
We recommend to completing the learning path in the first 2 months of your new sales role.
You can work through courses in the order that makes sense to you. The critical thing is to commit the time.
Work with your manager to set milestones and times to discuss your progress.


The Sales Training Journey will be a new learning path in the Promega LMS. You must request access to join.
If you are interested in joining the Sales Training Journey, reach out to your manager or Branch Training Representative.


*New Sales Product Training (NSPT) was retired at the end of 2022. During the interim, we have offered the Online New Sales Product Training learning path in the Promega LMS. This learning path will be retired on Feb 29, 2024. Courses completed through this learning path will apply to the Sales Training Journey.

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